Resurrected Scents

Resurrected Scents

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Here are the "resurrected" scents from previous Laurel & June releases - these are back by popular demand! :) 

IMPORTANT: This is a pre-release and all orders containing resurrected or never-before-released scents will not ship out until after 7/10. I will not be doing samples for these, so they are only available in larger formats. 

Paizano Azul - inspired by Terlingua in West Texas. Dusty, hot breezes blowing the dry grass along rocky terrain. Cactus blooms, the faintest honeysuckle, blue musk and white musks. A cold glass of sweet tea and well worn leather boots.

Summer Rain - Jasmine blossoms dancing in the breeze after a warm summer rain

Luna - Crystal white amber, night blooming jasmine and lotus flowers; heather, fig blossoms, cool night rain

Duke - cedar, ambroxan, egyptian musk, and a shot of whiskey

Strawberry Snowcone - sweet sticky strawberry over a bed of creamy ice bliss

Lemon Sorbet - in-your-face fresh lemon and sugary sweetness

Blackberry Ice Cream - blackberries churned with sweet vanilla ice cream 

Pina Colada - icy cold creamy pineapple and coconut swirled in a fancy glass

Orange Icebox Cake - fresh mandarin oranges, vanilla cake and whipped cream

Happy Apples - Egyptian musk, green apple, sweet pea, white tea, peonies, fresh cut grass, white musk (slightly reformulated!)

Beachalicious Babe - Juicy jeweled citrus fruits, caramelized Tahitian vanilla, fruit daquiris, awapuhi seaberry, ocean breezes

Summer Moon - Moonflowers, black currant, guava, coconut and pineapple on a base of warm musk

South St. Casino - black tea, bergamot mint, tobacco smoke, vetiver, sharp amber entangled in the sea breeze and warm midnight rain on a south Florida night

SPI - inspired by South Padre Island and the dirty Texas coastline. Seaweed, sea breeze, pinon, cedarwood, hot sand, dry coastal grass blowing in the breeze from a thunderstorm way off in the distance