Policy & Information

Everything is hand made by me and often made to order. Turn around time is approximately 21 business days from order.



Since each item is handcrafted and often limited edition, I cannot refund or accept returns on any purchase unless there is a mistake on my end. 

If your package arrives with any issue from leaking or damage, I will replace your order immediately. Just send pictures of your package to laurelandjuneperfume@gmail.com and please include your order number.

​If I ship you the wrong item, rest assured that I will correct that for you. Just email me at laurelandjuneperfume@gmail.com so I can jump on it to correct the mistake.  

Due to supply chain issues and potential raw material discontinues, it is possible that I may have to cancel your order. I will completely refund your purchase if I am unable to fill the order. 

Unfortunately due to international customs changes, I cannot offer any products to be sold outside of the US at this time. Hopefully that will change in the future, especially once I can offer oil based perfumes. 



It is important to understand these are custom made products and you are purchasing at your own risk. I cannot be held liable for any adverse reactions to the ingredients. Please test the perfumes on a small patch of skin before applying more. 

Keep out of reach of small children and pets. If you do allow your older children to use cosmetics and perfumes, please supervise them closely while smelling or using these products. 

Indie perfumes are completely different than mainstream, mass produced perfume. If you are new to indie perfumes, you are in for a wonderful journey. Many become "addicted" - just like I did! 

Because indie perfumes are so different, it's possible you may not like something at first. Give it time to rest after purchasing and store it somewhere dark and cool. Come back to it in a few weeks and see how it feels. 

You won't love everything. It's just how it works. No one likes the smell of everything on the planet. Just like how we have favorite foods and favorite colors - it works the same way with perfumes. We all have stuff we don't like the smell of in perfume. Mine is chocolate! So be warned that you may not like everything - and therefore, I can't refund you on that. 

Another suggestion I have is to remember that perfume behaves differently with your skin and each person's body chemistry is different. Perfume may not always smell exactly like it does in the bottle after you apply it on your skin. 

Each perfume is a melody of base notes, middle notes and top notes. The top notes appear first and fade fastest. Middle, or heart notes, appear after the top notes relax. Finally, after a bit of wear, the base notes will stick around until the end. 

It is common to lose track of your scent after wearing it for a while. This is referred to as "nose blindness" - basically you get used to smelling your perfume on your body, so your brain tunes it out. This is why people will comment on your perfume way after you've wondered if it's still there.

My perfumes tend to be the strongest within the first 2-3 hours. To extend the time, apply on clean and moisturized skin. Apply on pressure points and spritz a bit on your clothing, as clothing will carry the scent the longest. 

There is a master scent list on the menu, feel free to check it out! 

Thank you so much for giving me a try and I hope you love it!